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Dog Sprayed by Skunk – PROVEN Recipe for Removing Skunk Smell

It’s late one night and you’re letting your dog out to do his business before going to bed. You’re standing there half asleep when you realize Charlie is taking longer than usual. Then it hits you: the overpowering stench of skunk. It’s going to be a long night.

You try all the homemade recipes you can think of to get rid of the skunk smell from your dog: vinegar, tomato juice, peroxide… but nothing seems to work.

Don’t worry. Here is THE only recipe you need to remove skunk odor from your dog. This simple 3-step method is guaranteed to work and is safe for your pet! Read on for step-by-step instructions.

Why homemade recipes for removing skunk odor on a dog don’t work

There’s no lack of DIY recipes on the web that claim to remove skunk odor from dogs. Most of us have heard of bathing the dog in tomato juice. But there are also recipes using vinegar or peroxide.

Unfortunately, these recipes don't actually remove the odor. They simply mask it by covering the pet with another strong smell. As soon as it rains or the dog gets wet, the strong skunk smell will return.

Better to get rid of the skunk spray odor once and for good. Only a skunk odor neutralizer can eliminate skunk smell from a dog’s coat quickly, safely and COMPLETELY.

Why it takes an odor neutralizer to totally remove skunk smell

Odor neutralizers work directly on the molecule causing the odor. They “defuse" the molecule to eliminate the skunk smell fast and completely.

How to get skunk smell off dog – step-by step instructions

Step 1. Leave the skunk smell outside

If your pet has been sprayed by a skunk, start the treatment outside so that you don’t bring the skunk smell in your house. Some pets are so bothered by the smell that they will rub themselves on anything they can to get the skunk spray off their coat – such as the couch, the carpet, your bed, etc. Believe us, leaving your pet outside will save you a ton of headaches. And to be on the safe side, keep the windows closed and the air conditioning on so that the skunk smell doesn’t seep inside.

What’s that? In your moment of panic you let the dog in and now the house smells of skunk? No worries. Here’s how you can get rid of skunk smell in a house.

Step 2. Eliminate the skunk odor at the source

Skunks spray a thick yellow liquid that’s incredibly pungent and even corrosive. If you see traces of this liquid on your pet (often on the head or neck), it’s essential that you remove it with a cloth and water as soon as possible. 

We recommend rinsing any areas of your pet's body where you can see this yellowish liquid at least three times with clean water.

Why it’s important to remove the yellow skunk spray first

  • It makes it easier for you and your pet to breathe. This will help you both calm down a little.
  • You’re removing the actual source of the odor. This makes it much easier to eliminate the remaining odor afterwards.
  • It minimizes the amount of skunk spray your pet can ingest. (Some veterinarians have told us of cases where cats have licked their coats to remove the skunk liquid and suffered burns to the roof of their mouth and even their esophagus.)

Step 3. Wash your dog (especially the head)!

The last step is to neutralize the skunk odor, rather than mask it. The best product to remove skunk smell on a dog is Purodora Skunk Odor Neutralizer Duo For Pets.

Why dog owners love this duo:

  • GUARANTEED to work
  • Easy to use
  • Safe for your pet, for you and for the planet
  • Paraben free
  • Non-irritant; dermatologically tested
  • Pleasant cotton flower and apple blossom scent
  • Just follow the instructions on the label and your dog will be smelling fresh as a daisy in no time!

Pro tip for removing skunk spray smell from your pet

ALWAYS thoroughly clean the pet’s head, as it’s usually the main target of the spray (animals often follow skunks from behind). Since the bulk of the skunk spray will be concentrated in this area, this is also where the bulk of the skunk odor is coming from.

Be prepared with safe products guaranteed to work!

Most dogs (and backyards) will at one time or another get sprayed by a skunk. We also know how easy it is to panic when it happens. Be prepared by having these skunk spray shampoo and odor removers on hand. That way, when the inevitable does occur, you’ll be ready to act quickly.

Breathe easy

See how easy that was? We have safe and effective solutions for ALL your odor problems. Have a question about our products? Write to us or to give us a call. We’re always here to help.

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