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Purodora Lab products don’t just mask odors – they eliminate them permanently. Enjoy your lifestyle freely and live in harmony with others.

Whatever the odor, we’ve got the odor neutralizer you need!

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What others are saying


Wow! I already knew about D-500 for eliminating animal odors, but I just tried BAC-500 and it blew my mind. Just a small amount gets rid of odors like that! Delivery was super quick. Kudos.

Quebec, Canada

I bought Uri-Clean to get rid of urine odors and I couldn't believe how well it works. I love the orange scent. I love this product.

Quebec, Canada

Great customer service. Helped me find right product and explained how to use it. Delivery took less than 24 hours. What more can I say? I definitely recommend this Quebec company.

Quebec, Canada

My dog got sprayed by a skunk just outside my patio door at 9 pm!!! Poor Ralf. He stunk of skunk and so did my house. My neighbor lent me her bottle of Uri-Clean and I sprayed it all over my upholstered furniture and carpets. It worked like a charm! Now I always keep a bottle of Uri-Clean and your anti-skunk product on hand! Thank you for your amazing products!

Quebec, Canada

Our dog got sprayed by a skunk on Sunday night at 11pm ..... what a nightmare. We did our best to wash it for the night, but not much success. The next day we washed it with the SOS shampoo and sprayed it with the other bottle and wow! The difference is incredible. Odor eliminated! A miracle! Thanks for your products!

Quebec, Canada

I bought Uri-Clean to get rid of the cigarette smell in a used item of furniture I bought from a smoker. Talk about miracle worker. I would definitely recommend this product. Also the one for those "little accidents" with a new puppy.

Quebec, Canada

There are 4 hockey players in our house and believe me, we really needed it! Thank you!

Quebec, Canada

Easy peasy in cleats for during soccer season! They gained at least one more season!

Quebec, Canada

Great products and great service!

Quebec, Canada

Available across Canada

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