A responsible company that cares

Environmental Policy

We take our promise to create a better world seriously. By becoming a certified B corporation, we can put the integrity of our actions to the test. Among other things, we strictly control GHG emissions, waste, water consumption and the origin of our ingredients. We never test on animals. Our management team adheres to the principles of equity, diversity and inclusion.

Introduction and commitment

This environmental policy is based on the principle of sustainable development (SD), which is defined as: “Development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs” (Sustainable Development Act). It is a way for companies to broaden their mission to integrate social and environmental values. This concept is increasingly seen as an integral part of sound and optimal management.

In this context, Purodora Lab is formally and voluntarily committing to sustainable development through this environmental policy, which will serve as a guide for managing the company’s environmental, social and economic impacts in a responsible manner. The management team is committed to implementing targeted initiatives in the action plan that will result from this policy, with the objective of continuously improving the company’s environmental performance.


By integrating environmental responsibility in its activities, Purodora Lab wishes to highlight and increase both its environmental protection and social and community involvement on an ongoing basis. The orientations of this policy promote the prevention and reduction of environmental impacts, as well as good communication and management practices in order to involve stakeholders on the path to sustainable development.

Policy objectives and priority issues

Purodora Lab has set several objectives to improve its business practices, reduce its environmental impacts and increase its social involvement. These objectives are divided according to the company’s 3 priority issues: the environment, customers and employees, and communities. Some of these objectives also relate to how the company will strategically integrate sustainable development and environmental responsibility into its operations.

Priority issue #1: The environment

This issue relates to how the company will prevent and reduce its negative impacts on human and natural environments as well as on living organisms. These impacts are linked to all stages of production, to the activities of the company and its suppliers, and the product’s end of life once in the consumer’s possession. Purodora Lab wishes to address a number of impacts in this area: animal testing, the emissions of greenhouse gases (GHG), hazardous substances and residual materials, wastewater discharges, and potable water and energy leaks.

Priority issue #2: Customers and employees

Good social management practices show that customer satisfaction with products and services is directly linked to employee satisfaction with working conditions and personal growth. Healthy communication that encourages collaboration and open dialogue will allow the company to meet the needs of customers and employees alike while upholding its sustainable vision.

Priority issue #3: Communities

Purodora Lab is a well-established company with links ranging from several local communities right up to the international industry level. This provides a springboard for sharing its principles of sustainable development with suppliers as well the benefits of causes that matter to the company.

  • Periodically review the environmental and social practices of suppliers.
  • Occasionally initiate discussions with suppliers about responsible sourcing and improving practices.
  • Provide financial support to local organizations or causes that matter to the company.
  • Involve employees in the company’s environmental efforts by occasionally granting them time to volunteer for local causes.