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Purchase and delivery

In stores
You can find Purodora Lab products at several retail chains across Canada. Look for our animal odor products in pet stores, veterinary clinics and grooming salons. Some pet stores also carry our household and personal use products to simplify your life!

Visit the Where to buy? section of our website to find a store near you. We recommend calling ahead of time to make sure the product you’re looking for is in stock.

Buy Purodora Lab products right on our website!

Shipping across Canada:
Quebec – 2 days
Ontario – 2 days
Maritimes – 3 days
Manitoba– 3 days
Saskatchewan – 4 days
Alberta – 4 days
Vancouver – 5 days
Northwest Territories – 9 days

Shipping across the US:
Between 4 and 10 days

Please note that we use a third-party delivery service to ship our products. Any delays on the shipper’s end are unfortunately beyond our control.

Received a damaged item? See our Return and Shipping Policy for instructions on what to do. Or contact us.

Products safety

Never. Like you, we love animals and would never endanger their health and safety.

Yes. All Purodora Lab products are biodegradable, meaning their ingredients do not accumulate in the environment and are not harmful to aquatic life. According to OECD Guideline 301, a product must biodegrade by 60% in 28 days to make the biodegradable claim. The certified biodegradable label on all Purodora Lab products means they have undergone regulatory testing by an accredited external firm. It also guarantees that the product will break down into simple, non-toxic substances in 28 days or less.

Yes. All Purodora products in the My Furry Best Friend line are:

  • 100% safe for animals (after all, they’re made specifically for them!)
  • Biodegradable and vegan
  • Certified “Non irritant – Dermatologically tested” following irritation tests by under the supervision of a dermatologist at a clinical studies laboratory dedicated to skin care

The majority of Purodora Lab products are made of natural source ingredients. The only time we ever use a non-natural source ingredient is when the natural source ingredient is known to be allergenic or pose a possible health risk. Either way, we always ensure our raw materials are safe and of the highest possible quality. The health and safety of our customers, their families and pets is our #1 priority.

These chemicals are known to carry health risks:

Silicones – Plastic compounds found in many personal care products. Using silicone-based products on animals weighs down the coat and requires more frequent washing, which in turn deteriorates the coat.

Parabens – A scientific evaluation of substances in the paraben group conducted by the Canadian government found that 4 of the 7 types of parabens examined may be harmful to human health at current levels of exposure.

Phthalates – According to the U.S. .Center for Disease Control and Prevention, certain types of phthalates affect the reproductive system in animals. In Canada, DEHP (a type of phthalate) has been found to be toxic following an assessment in 1994.

Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLS and SLES) – According to the David Suzuki Foundation, this substance may be contaminated with ethylene oxide and 1,4-dioxane during the manufacturing process. The International Agency for Research on Cancer has classified ethylene oxide as a known human carcinogen to humans and 1,4-dioxane as being potentially carcinogenic.

Use of products

It’s easy:

  • Simply find the right product for your particular odor problem and the type of surface you need to treat. (This will tell you which method to use.)
  • Or go to the Odor problems section of our website to find the exact product you need, along with directions for use.
  • You can also find these instructions right on the product label or on the product web page.

    Also check out our blogue for pro tips & tricks to get rid of any odor problem the easy way!

Through our innovative odor-neutralizing technology, developed by our chemists over years of laboratory research:

Each Purodora Lab product contains specific molecules that are compatible with the molecules causing the unwanted odor. Upon coming into contact, these bind together to form an entirely new molecule that no longer carries the unwanted odor. Our products never mask unwanted odors – they eliminate them completely and for good. See how our odor-neutralizing technology works! >


Our products are made in Canada at our plant in Sherbrooke, Quebec. We develop, design and manufacture all our products in-house thanks to our semi-automated line that has a capacity of 4,000 bottles per day.

We never cut corners when it comes to the health and safety of our customers:

  • Every batch is rigorously controlled according to strict industry standards to guarantee product quality.
  • Our production is overseen by chemists in good standing with Quebec’s Order of Chemists.
  • All products are analyzed by private laboratories to ensure compliance and quality.
  • Only products that obtain a certificate of analysis are bottled for sale.

Our promise to create a better world is more than just empty words:

  • We carefully control greenhouse gas emissions, waste, water consumption and the origin of ingredients.
  • We never test on animals.
  • We’re committed to running a business that’s equitable, diverse and inclusive.
  • We periodically assess the practices of our suppliers and discuss the impact of their activities with them.
  • We’re becoming a certified B corporation to put the integrity of our actions to the test.

To find out more, see our Sustainable Development Policy.