Technology based on science and innovation

Molecular Odor-Neutralizing Technology

Purodora Lab odor neutralizers have been eliminating unwanted odors in homes for over 35 years. Our products are built on innovative molecular odor-neutralizing technology and extensive laboratory research. Each Purodora Lab product targets the specific molecules of each odor and then binds with them to form a whole new molecular structure that permanently neutralizes the odor on contact. They’re also backed by decades of successful real-world use. Purodora Lab products never mask unwanted odors.

Eliminate odors – even the most stubborn ones – immediately and for good

Purodora Lab odor neutralizers work immediately, in just a few easy steps. Our active formulas permanently eliminate unwanted odors as soon as they come into contact with them. Rely on our proven products to eliminate even the most stubborn odors – including deep-set odors that have been around for years.

Like you, we want the best for our loved ones. That’s why Purodora Lab odor neutralizers are manufactured according to strict quality controls. They’re also 100% free of silicone, phthalates, parabens and sodium laureth sulfate (SLS and SLES). And because we love our pets, we never test on animals. Breathe easy and feel good about the products you use.