Understanding odors

How to get rid of unwanted odors

Step 1 : Identify the odor you're dealing with.

Every odor has its own unique molecule. For animal or human urine, for example, it's NH4 (ammonia). But the garbage smell from your waste or compost bin isn't NH4; it has completely different molecules.

Step 2 : Find out exactly where the smell is coming from.

Is the smell coming from the couch or carpet? Is it on your concrete, wood, or ceramic floor? That’s the spot you need to treat.

Step 3 : Is the surface porous?

Odors easily seep into porous materials like unpainted concrete, bare wood, ceramic grout, fabrics, leather, carpets, plastic, upholstery, mattresses, linens, etc. Every odor and every type of surface has to be treated with a specific product. And when it comes to porous surface, the product might also have to be applied in a slightly different way.

For example, if your dog pees on your wood or laminate floor, you don't actually have to treat the floor itself but rather the space between and beneath the boards. That’s because urine won’t penetrate the varnish, but it will seep between the gaps in the boards and pool underneath. To reach the urine, you'll need to squirt Urine Odor Neutralizer between the boards with a squirt bottle.

Why use Purodora Lab products?

Each Purodora Lab product contains a specific odor-neutralizing technology. Our products don’t mask unwanted smells; they neutralize the smell so that it's gone for good. As soon as our products come into contact with the source of the odor, a molecular bond is formed, transforming the bad-smelling molecule into an entirely new one that no longer carries the unwanted smell.

The biggest difference is its ability to get rid of unwanted odors permanently. Air fresheners and deodorizers simply mix with the bad smell in order to mask it. You’ll no longer smell the original unwanted odor, but a few hours later, you will smell another, completely different unpleasant odor. Odor neutralizers work differently. Instead of mixing with the bad smell, they neutralize it at the source so that there's no longer any trace of it.

What to expect from Purodora Lab products

1- They're guaranteed to work.

The moment our products come into contact with the source of the smell, they eliminate it immediately. They never mask the odor. Unlike enzyme or bacteria-based products, our products are 100% effective even on odors that have been around for months or years. Once the smell is gone, it’s gone for good.

2- They protect furnishings.

Our product for animal urine is made of denatured alcohol and evaporates quickly. In other words, you can squirt it between the planks of a wood floor without any risk of the wood swelling or warping. You can also inject it directly into thick pillows, cushions or mattresses without any risk of mildewing. The product eliminates the odor on contact and then quickly evaporates to leave the material dry.

3- They're safe for your family and pets.

All Purodora products are safe for people, pets and planet. We never test our products on animals. All our products are biodegradable within 28 days (OECD 301-D). All of our pet care products are dermatologically tested and non-irritating. Always follow the directions on the product label.