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How to remove urine smell in car interiors

Being in a car that smells of cat or dog urine is no joy ride. If this is your first experience trying to remove pee smell from a vehicle, this article will explain exactly how to eliminate the smell completely in just a few easy steps. Best of all, this method is safe for you, your pet and your car’s interior. And it works like a charm!

How to get rid of pet urine smell in car – step-by-step instructions

Before you go running for your household cleaners, know that car interiors don’t take kindly to all products. Also know that most products designed specifically for car interiors aren’t formulated to treat urine odors.

To effectively remove urine odor without damaging carpets or fabrics, always use a product like Purodora Urine Odor Neutralizer.

Here’s why Purodora Urine Odor Neutralizer is the best product for removing urine smells in car interiors:

  • It’s an odor neutralizer that totally eliminates urine odors (unlike deodorizers, which only mask odors and create an unpleasant mix of urine smell and whatever scent the product is).
  • It even removes old urine smells that have been around for a long time.
  • It won’t discolor car carpets and fabrics – including most leather seats.
  • It’s guaranteed to work.
  • It’s alcohol-based and dries very quickly, so it won’t promote the growth of mold or mildew (which can happen with water-based products).
  • It also works on human urine (great to have in the glove compartment if you have little ones who pee in their infant or booster seater – or directly on the car seat).
  • Plus it does a great job of removing pee smell from sofas, mattresses, hardwood, laminate, ceramic, cement, or other flooring. So it’s great for home and car.

How to remove urine smell from car floors

Step 1. Simply spray Purodora Urine Odor Neutralizer on the urine and allow to air dry. (It really is that easy).

How to remove urine smell from fabric car seats

Keep in mind that if your pet peed on your car’s fabric seats, the urine may have seeped into the cushion. Don’t sweat it. Here’s what you do:

Step 1. First, use a small string to create a circle around the affected area.

Step 2. Inject half a syringe of Purodora Urine Odor Neutralizer into the cushion at 1-inch intervals. Start at the outer edge of the circle and work your way in towards the center. Using a syringe might sound a little out there, but it works like a charm.

Step 3. Spray the product on the surface of the seat and allow to air dry.

Pro Tip

What to do if Purodora Urine Odor Neutralizer leaves a dark ring on fabrics

Alcohol-based products like Urine Odor Neutralizer can leave a dark ring on some colored fabrics where the dye has not set properly. No need to worry! Simply rub the fabric with a damp cloth and the stain will disappear immediately.

How to remove urine smell from leather car seats

You always need to proceed with caution before applying any product to leather car seats. Here’s how you can safely get rid of pee smells from leather car seats:

Step 1. Spray a small amount of Purodora Urine Odor Neutralizer on an inconspicuous area first to test product compatibility. If the leather doesn’t discolor, you’re good to proceed to step 2.

Step 2. Spray Purodora Urine Odor Neutralizer on a clean cloth and thoroughly clean the affected area.

Step 3. Wipe off any excess product with a damp cloth. Repeat as needed.

Pro Tip

To remove urine smell that has seeped through the leather and into the seat cushion

Keep in mind that odor neutralizers need to reach all of the urine to eliminate all of the urine smell. Use a syringe and inject Purodora Urine Odor Neutralizer via the seams of the seat to reach the urine embedded in the cushion. Then allow the product to air dry.

Why does my cat or dog pee in the car?

There are many reasons why your pet may be peeing in the car. It might have just been a one-time accident... or maybe not. If your dog or cat frequently pees in the car, it’s worth getting to the bottom of the problem so that car rides are more enjoyable for you and your pet.

A few possible explanations:

  • In cats, an inner ear disorder can cause motion sickness, resulting in nausea or vomiting. This physical discomfort could be triggering the peeing.
  • Stress and anxiety – particularly if your dog or cat associates the car with a distressing experience such as a visit to the veterinarian.
  • Feeling "trapped" in a small, moving space can also trigger anxiety.

Whatever the cause, there are ways to help your pet adapt to travelling in a car. Read this article for practical tips on how to travel safely in the car with your pets.

Worried about your pet’s peeing in the car? When in doubt, consult a veterinarian or a canine or feline behavioral specialist for help.

Pro Tip

Don’t let a little pee take you by surprise.

Keep a bottle of Purodora Urine Odor Neutralizer in your glove compartment just in case Pickles has another accident. That way you’ll be able to clean up the urine and eliminate the smell before it seeps into the seat cushion.

Make car rides fun again!

Your dog may enjoy sticking its head out the car window on drives, but you shouldn’t have to just to get away from the overpowering urine smell. Our urine neutralizers will eliminate the smell quickly and completely – even if it has been around for a while.

Eliminating urine smell in cars is just the beginning. We offer odor removers for virtually any odor. Struggling with a particularly smelly situation? Contact us by email, phone or live chat! We can help your world smell good again!

Purodora odor neutralizers are available online and at many pet supply stores. Check out our Find Us section to find the retailer nearest you.

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