Enfant et chien sur un matelas sans odeur d'urine

How to Get Pee Out of a Mattress for Good

Oh-oh. Did someone do their business on the bed? Your pet (or child) may have made your pee-stained bed, but it doesn’t mean you have to lie in it. Or go shopping for a new mattress, for that matter. Here’s an easy and proven way to completely get rid of urine smell in mattresses and bedding in no time – even old, deeply incrusted urine. Read on for step-by-step instructions and recommended products that are guaranteed to work.

Products to AVOID using on a mattress

Certain products should never be used on a mattress because they’ll only end up adding even more troubles to your urine problem:

  • Water-based products: These products will leave the mattress wet and potentially cause it to develop mold or mildew.
  • Enzyme or bacteria-based products: These products require water to work (see above). And when the enzymes or bacteria die, they become an attractive source of food for dust mites.

Instead, use an alcohol-based odor neutralizer that’s specifically designed to neutralize the odor-causing molecules in urine. It will neutralize the odor on contact and then evaporate quickly to leave your mattress dry and completely free of that pungent pee smell.

Best product for cleaning urine from a mattress

Getting rid of urine smell on a mattress is surprisingly easy when you’re working with the right product. Hands down, the best urine odor remover for all soft surfaces and thick cushions (such as a mattress) is Purodora Urine Odor Neutralizer

Here’s why: 

  • Specifically designed to neutralize the smell of urine instantly and permanently (both human and animal urine)
  • Easy to use – just spray and walk away
  • Alcohol-based: works on contact and evaporates quickly; no risk of mold
  • Won’t discolor fabrics
  • Safe for people and pets

How to get urine out of mattresses quickly and completely

Here’s how you get urine out of a mattress in 3 easy steps (even old, caked-in urine):

Step 1. Determine the location of the urine odor on the mattress. Not all accidents will leave a tell-tale pee stain. Use your nose and sniff around. Once you’ve located the urine (remember it may be in more than one spot), encircle each spot with a small string. 

Pro Tip 

Make these circles 4 or 5 inches larger than you think they need to be. Urine often seeps through the surface and spreads underneath.

Step 2. Inject Purodora Urine Odor Neutralizer into the mattress with a syringe and needle. (If you’ve never used a syringe and needle before to remove odors embedded in a thick cushion or mattress, you’re going to be amazed by how well it works. And how easy it is!)

Start at the outside of the circle and work your way toward the center. Inject 1 Tsp (5 ml) of Purodora Urine Odor Neutralizer at 1-inch intervals to make sure the product reaches all of the urine. The key is to reach all of the urine.

Pro Tip

Press down on the mattress with your hand as you insert the needle to help the product penetrate deeper to reach the urine that has been pulled down by gravity. 

Step 3. Spray Purodora Urine Odor Neutralizer on the surface of the mattress affected by the urine.

Pro Tips

  • Alcohol-based products like Purodora Urine Odor Neutralizer can sometimes leave a dark ring on certain colored fabrics where the dye has not set properly. No need to worry! Simply rub the fabric with a damp cloth and the stain will disappear immediately.
  • Purodora Urine Odor Neutralizer has a mild citrus scent. Although the scent disappears quickly, it might bother certain people. We recommend that you open the windows or use a fan to ventilate the room. All Purodora odor neutralizers are safe for people, pets and fabrics.

And that’s it! Purodora Urine Odor Neutralizer will neutralize the odor upon coming into contact with the urine molecules and then quickly evaporate to leave the top and inside of the mattress dry.

Pro Tip

No need to waste your money

It’s very rare for an entire mattress to be covered with urine. No need to use up your entire bottle of Purodora Urine Odor Neutralizer. Save yourself time and money and spray only the spots where the urine is located. Trust us: it’s guaranteed to work!

What if my mattress smells of urine after treatment?

If your mattress still smells like pee after a first treatment with Purodora Urine Odor Neutralizer, it means the product didn’t reach all of the urine mass the first time around. You simply need to do a second treatment.

Pro Tip

The key is to reach ALL of the urine. Odor neutralizes must reach the entire source of the odor in order to eliminate it completely.

If the urine odor persists:

  • Repeat steps 1 through 3 above.
  • Turn the mattress over and do the same treatment on the other side (sometimes urine seeps very deep into the mattress).

This second treatment should do the trick.

How to remove the smell of dog or cat urine from a blanket or comforter

Removing pee smell from bedding is just as easy:

Step 1. Spray Purodora Urine Odor Neutralizer directly on the urine on the blanket or comforter from a distance of 4 to 5 inches (10 to 15 cm). Be sure to spray both sides of the blanket so that the product penetrates deeply to reach all of the fibers of the fabric smelling of urine.

Step 2. Machine wash the blank with regular laundry soap.

What’s the difference between a neutralizer and a deodorizer?

A neutralizer completely eliminates the odor while a deodorizer only masks the odor temporarily. The odor will return after a while with a deodorizer.

Pee happens. Be ready. 

If you have pets or young children, the surfaces in your home or car are bound to get peed on at least once. Why pay big bucks to have them professionally cleaned when a little bottle of odor neutralizer will completely get rid of the smell in no time? 

Purodora Urine Odor Neutralizer also works great on adult urine.

Where to find Purodora products

Purodora odor neutralizers are available online and at many pet supply stores. Check out our Find Us section to find the retailer nearest you.

Solutions for all your odor problems

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