Disaster Recovey - Why choose Purodora Lab?

You are the owner or manager of a disaster restoration business? You would like to work with superior quality cleaning and odor neutralizing products made in Canada to eliminate unpleasant odors?

Solutions for every odor problem

Purodora Lab offers a widerange of products for household, pet, personal and professional use toneutralize a variety of odors such as: animal and human urine, litter box,skunk, cigarette, cannabis, perspiration, moisture, fire, fuel oil, sewage, garbageand more.

Safe products

We want the best for our lovedones. That’s why our formulas are manufactured under strict control to ensureproduct quality and compliance with the highest industry standards.

In keeping with our values, ourformulas do not contain any silicones, phthalates, parabens or sodium laurethsulfate (SLS and SLES). Allour products are biodegradable within 28 days (OECD 301-D). 

Our formulas are never testedon animals, and they are vegan.

Innovating to make a difference

The effectiveness of Purodora Lab products is proven and recognized. We offer a complete line of innovative, safe and responsible odor neutralizers that meet the highest industry standards. Our odor neutralizing technology is unique. As soon as our products come into contact with the source of the smell, the compatible molecules bind together to form a new molecular structure that no longer carries the unwanted odor. Rather than masking odors, our products permanently eliminate them at the source. An added bonus for you and your customers in the pet care category.

A partner you can you can count on

At Purodora Lab, we control the entire production process. We develop, design and manufacture all our products in-house. Thanks to our 35+ years of expertise, we can offer a strong distribution network, an innovative R&D program and a bottling capacity of over 4,000 bottles per day. We guarantee a seamless supply. In other words, you can count on us to be a serious and reliable ally in your growth.

Succeeding together

We believe that collaborating and communicating with partners are the keys to our collective success. To help everyone succeed, we provide relevant tools that make meeting business goals easier: an online training platform, marketing and communication tools, a reference website, video content, a sampling program and personalized support.

To become a Purodora Lab partner, we invite you to fill out the Become a Partner form, by clicking here. We will analyze your request within 48 hours. Once your application has been accepted, you will receive an email to inform you that your online account is open. You will then be able to place your orders directly on www.purodoralab.com.

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