How to Get Rid of Horse Urine Smell?

If your nasal cavities are assaulted by a potent horse urine smell whenever you walk into your barn or stable – or if the smell is so strong it’s causing your horses to cough – then you’ve got a problem. Here’s the solution horse owners swear by for eliminating ammonia smell from stables and farms. It also works miracles in trailers. Best of all, it’s incredibly easy and safe for your horses.

Why it’s important to neutralize horse urine smell

Some barn cleaners might leave floors gleaming, but if they don’t neutralize the bacteria creating the ammonia smell, that acrid stench will just keep returning.

Since keeping a barn clean is lots of work, the smart approach is to use a 2-in-1 cleaner and ammonia odor neutralizer. We always recommend Purodora Lab Horse Urine Cleaner & Odor Neutralizer. It neutralizes ammonia odors on concrete on contact. Simply spray and walk away.

Horse Urine Cleaner & Odor Neutralizer can also be used to clean a wide variety of surfaces in trailers and barns without damaging the finish. It’s safe to use on wood, linoleum, concrete, and other types of floors.

How to get rid of the smell of urine in the stable and out of a trailer

  1. Dilute ½ cup (120 ml) of Horse Urine Cleaner & Odor Neutralizer in 1 gallon (4 liters) of water.
  2. Spray the entire area affected by horse urine.
  3. Allow the floor to air dry and repeat treatment if needed.

Concrete is extremely porous. If the ammonia smell has been around for some time, it’s possible the urine has penetrated deep into the concrete. A second treatment with Purodora Lab Horse Urine Cleaner & Odor Neutralizer might be needed a few days after the first application. This will allow the product to seep deeper into the concrete and completely neutralize the deep-set bacteria behind the ammonia smell.

Pro tip

For best results, we recommend using a pump sprayer similar to those used for flower beds.

Goodbye awful horse urine smell!

Getting rid of horse urine smell on your farm is just the beginning. We have odor removers for virtually any odor. Struggling with a particularly smelly situation?

Like products that are fast, effective and easy to use?

Get Purodora Lab products online or at one of our retailers near you! We recommend calling the store ahead of time to make sure it has the product you’re looking for in stock.

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Here’s to your stable smelling good again!

We work hard to make Purodora Lab odor neutralizers the best on the market. Got a question about our products or innovative odor-neutralizing molecular technology? Ask away! You can reach us at the contact info at the bottom of the page.

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