How to Get Rid of Cat Pee Smell on a Carpet?

So you go to all the trouble of keeping your cat’s litter box clean and tidy, and how does she repay you? She does her business on the carpet. We feel your frustration. Take a deep breath and relax. We have a quick and easy way to remove cat pee smell from any carpet. It even works on urine that’s MONTHS old. And it’s safe for your carpets, your cat and your family.

How to eliminate cat pee smell from carpets

You can clean the carpet all you want, but unless you neutralize the molecules causing that strong urine odor, the smell will remain. The only way to get 100% rid of the cat pee smell is with a cat urine odor neutralizer like Purodora Lab Urine Odor Neutralizer.

To get cat pee smell out of high-pile carpets and rugs

  1. Mark a circle (using a string or thread) around the peed-on area. Make this circle a good 4 to 5 inches (10 to 12 cm) bigger than you think it needs to be to make sure you treat all of the urine.
  2. Inject Purodora Lab Urine Odor Neutralizer into the base of the carpet with a syringe so that the product can come into direct contact with the urine where it has pooled (using a syringe might sound strange, but it works like a charm!).
  3. Start at the outer edge of the circle and work your way toward the center. Inject 1 tsp (5 ml) of product every 1 inch (2.5 cm) to make sure the product comes into contact with all of the urine.
  4. Spray the entire affected surface of the carpet with Urine Odor Neutralizer from a distance of 5 inches (10 cm).
  5. Allow carpet air dry. No need to rinse.

To get cat pee smell out of low-pile carpets

  1. Spray the entire affected surface of the carpet with Purodora Lab Urine Odor Neutralizer from a distance of 5 inches (10 cm).
  2. Allow carpet air dry. No need to rinse.

And that’s it – your carpet will no longer smell of cat urine!

Pro Tip

Purodora Lab Urine Odor Neutralizer leaves behind a fresh scent that can linger for days. If you are easily bothered by scents, we recommend you ventilate the room when treating surfaces with this product.

Pro Tip

Alcohol-based products like Purodora Lab Urine Odor Neutralizer can sometimes leave a dark ring on certain colored fabrics where the dye has not set properly. No need to worry! Simply rub the fabric with a damp cloth and the stain will immediately disappear.

Why use  Urine Odor Neutralizer

  • Gets rid of stubborn urine odors – even if they’ve been around for months or years!
  • Doesn’t mask odors like some other products; it neutralizes them completely on contact
  • Easy to use – just spray/inject and walk away
  • 1 treatment usually does the trick, but can be applied as needed
  • Alcohol-based – neutralizes odors on contact and then evaporates quickly to leave surfaces dry
  • Doesn’t cause carpets and other fabrics to mildew like enzyme or water-based products, even with regular use
  • Safe for people, pets and the environment
  • Can also be used on mattresses, concrete, wood and countless other surfaces that smell of urine – even in the car
  • Leaves a fresh citrus scent
  • Works equally well on human urine and all pet urine (dogs, horses, rodents, etc.)

Pro Tip

Urine Odor Neutralizer instantly neutralizes the odor-causing molecules in urine as soon as it comes into contact with them. So if you can still smell urine after this first treatment, it simply means you missed some of the urine. Just repeat the treatment as needed. You can also enlarge the treatment area a bit to make sure you’re getting all of the urine. Purodora Lab Urine Odor Neutralizer is guaranteed to eliminate urine smell.

So long cat pee smell on carpets and rugs!

Getting rid of strong cat pee smell in carpets really is that quick and easy.

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Get to the source of the problem

Cats are instinctively clean and will rarely do their business anywhere other than in their litter box, unless they have reason to do so. If urinating outside the litter box becomes a recurring problem, you might want to take a closer look at your cat’s behavior to see if there’s an underlying issue. It could be a medical condition that’s causing your cat to lose bladder control – or simply a change in its daily routine. If in doubt about your cat’s health, consult a veterinarian, just to be sure!

Here’s to your home smelling good again!

We work hard to make Purodora Lab odor neutralizers the best on the market. Got a question about our products or innovative odor-neutralizing molecular technology? Ask away! You can reach us at the contact info at the bottom of the page.

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