How to Get Rid of Wet Dog Smell on Shaggy Coats

Love taking your dog on long walks? Even on those rainy days when your furry friend comes back soaking wet and stinking of wet dog? Perhaps not so much…

Breathe easy. Even the most intense wet dog smell doesn’t stand a chance against our pet-friendly odor neutralizers. You’ll be amazed by how quickly and easily Purodora odor neutralizers get rid of strong wet dog smell. Anal gland odors, too. Your furry friend will be smelling fresh as a daisy in no time!

Here’s what you do…

How to get rid of wet dog smell from your pet:

  1. Spray Purodora In Between Shampoo - Neutralizing Pet Spray for Shaggy Coats evenly all over your dog’s coat –including the head. Be careful to avoid the eyes, ears and mouth.
  2. Use your fingertips to work the product all the way to the base of the coat.
  3. Massage the product into the pet’s coat with a dry cloth.Allow coat to air dry. Do not rinse off.

How to get rid of anal gland odors

  1. Spray Purodora In Between Shampoo - Neutralizing Pet Spray for Shaggy Coats on your dog’s coat around the anus.
  2. Allow coat to air dry. Do not rinse off.

For veterinary clinics, Purodora Skunk Odor Neutralizer for Pets can also neutralizes anal gland odors on animal and in ambient air.

Why use Purodora In Between Shampoo - Neutralizing Pet Spray for Shaggy Coats

  • Contains a special odor neutralizer against intense odors (wet hair, anal gland odors, farm and cigarette)
  • Neutralizes odors from pet’s coat in less than 5 minutes; never masks them
  • Easy to use – no diluting or rinsing
  • Water-based product – safe for pets, people and planet
  • Moisturizes & detangles coat, leaving it soft & shiny.
  • Leaves behind a fresh white tea scent.

If you want to wash your dog, you can use our Pet Shampoo for Shaggy Coats. This excellent product hydrates, nourishes & detangles coat. Safe for puppies & kittens.

So long wet dog smell!

Getting rid of wet dog smell on your pet and all around the home is that quick and easy – even when you’re dealing with several big dogs!

Like products that are fast, effective and easy to use?

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Here’s to your dog smelling good again!

We work hard to make Purodora Lab odor neutralizers the best on the market. Got a question about our products or innovative odor-neutralizing molecular technology? Ask away! You can reach us at the contact info at the bottom of the page."